LIFE BACCATA shares experiences with the LIFE TAXUS project, both dedicated to yew

From February 12th to 14th, the LIFE BACCATA team will visit different sites where the LIFE TAXUS project has being developed in Catalonia in order to the study the yew tree with the aim of exchanging experiences on the work carried out by each project.

The LIFE baccata team visits the locations of the LIFE TAXUS project (LIFE11 NAT/ES/000711) in Catalonia as an action of exchange of experiences between both projects for replicability and transferability.

During this activity, visits will be made to the Centre de Documentació del Paratge Natural D'Interes Nacional de Poblet, Raquera and the Texeida de Cosp. There will also be a networking meeting with an exchange of presentations on the work carried out by the LIFE TAXUS and TAXUS BACCATA project at the Technological Forestal Centre of Catalunya

This action is part of the E2 action of LIFE BACCATA.