Improving the conservation conditions of the habitat 9580* in the ZEC 15 (Special Zone Canary) of the Cantabrian Mountain chain, acting on the indicators of conservation condition of the habitat: area of occupation, structure, functions and future perspectives.

  1. Developing actions aimed at increasing the occupancy area of habitat 9580* : silvicultural activities, elimination of exotic species, cultivation of plants characteristic of the habitat and its subsequent planting.
  1. Implementing measures aimed at improving the structure and functions of habitat 9580*, such as silvicultural work to favor habitat species, control of competition with exotic species, reinforcement by planting characteristic species and creating infrastructures for the control of herbivory over the habitat.
  1. Implementing measures that will improve the future prospectives of habitat 9580*. This is foreseen through the establishment of genetic conservation units (UCGF) of Taxus baccata (includes management plan), the creation of two germplasm banks, five arboretum associated with a collection of tissue samples of yew DNA, and knowledge enhancement on habitat and protective measures against non-natural conditions.
  1. Disseminating and transfer the measures developed in the replication project in the European Union through a specific strategy. In addition, UCGFs are integrated into the EUFORGEN program.
  1. Informing and raising awareness among the general public about the importance, the values and the ecosystem services provided by the yew forests, and involve regional and local administrations, forest owners, ranchers and forest associations in the long-term conservation of habitat 9580*.