LIFE BACCATA participates in the 3rd Mediterranean Natura 2000 biogeographic seminar

LIFE BACCATA project has been one of the LIFE Nature projects selected to be part of the discussion panels of the 3rd Mediterranean Natura 2000 biogeographic seminar, held between 4-7 May 2021.

LIFE BACCATA, aimed at improving the conservation status of habitat 9580* (Mediterranean Taxus baccata woods) in 15 Natura 2000 SACs of the Cantabrian Mountains, contributed its experience in the restoration of a priority habitat with a small surface area and woods and that presents diverse conservation problems motivating high vulnerability and fragility.

The contributions of LIFE BACCATA were very interesting for the audience, fundamentally the high positive impact that the project has had on the habitat type in an Atlantic-Mediterranean transition zone, which gives it a high scientific and conservation interest for biodiversity.