LIFE BACCATA Technical Seminar

On the next Thursday, 29 of November, the Agriculture Biodiversity and Rural Development Institute of Lugo (IBADER by its Spanish acronym) organizes the LIFE BACCATA Technical Seminar that is held in the Cactus Building of Lugo Campus (Location) and it will inform the population about the key role played by the yew tree (Taxus baccata) in conserving our own biodiversity and by extension the formations dominated by yew tree forests.
It is aimed at raising the public awareness about conserving our natural forest-based heritage and the cultural heritage associated with yew trees and the yew tree forests ecosystem services.  

Different speakers from the LIFE BACCATA Project will make their presentations during the event. Currently this Project is working on conserving yew tree forests in 15 spaces located across the Red Natura 2000 of the Cantabria Mountains (Galicia, Castile and Leon, and the Basque Country). Additionally, two associations that have been working for a long time in conserving the yew tree forests and their natural and cultural assets will attend. 

November the 29th of 2018
BACCATA Technical Seminar.
Venue: The Cactus Building – The Lugo Campus.


4.30 p.m.: Presentation
4.45 p.m.: Paulino Martínez: Preliminary results of the LIFE BACCATA genetic sampling 
5.30 p.m.: Roberto Rubio: Presenting the LIFE BACCATA actions in Castile and Leon. 
5.35 p.m.: Javier Pérez: Presenting the LIFE BACCATA actions in the Basque Country.
5.40 p.m.: Javier Ferreiro: Presenting the LIFE BACCATA actions in Galicia
5.45 p.m.: Javier Ezquerra: Advances in using yew trees as forest reproducing material in Castile and Leon 
6.15 p.m.: Asociación A Morteira. The yew tree forests in the Bierzo-Leon Region.
7.00 p.m.: Asociación de Amigos del Tejo y Tejedas. New knowledge and guidelines about the yew tree and its conservation. 
7.45 p.m.: Debate and discussion

Admission free to the event until seating capacity is reached (40 persons). The event poster is attached so that all the information contained can be posted on their social media.

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