Summer training course on the conservation of old forests is imparted in the framework of LIFE BACCATA

The Agricultural Biodiversity and Rural Development Institute of the University of Santiago de Compostela (IBADER) will impart a summer course on ‛The Old Forests, Biodiversity Refuges in a Changing World’. The course will cover, among others, the following topics: Old forests in Galicia, the heritage value of ‛old’ trees, the importance of conserving and restoring yew forests in the Cantabria Mountain Range, the forests’ in-dwelling biodiversity and the basis for their management and genetic conservation. The course will be imparted from 8-11 of July in IBADER venue, at the Lugo Campus. Aside from papers, conferences and debates on managing and conserving the old forests’ biodiversity, the course also includes one guided visit to Sierra de Ancares and another one to Eume-Serra do Xistral. To learn more details about length, available seats, registration and other aspects, please visit