LIFE BACCATA technical team shares experiences and knowledge about yew reproduction in a meeting held in Vigo and Ourense

The technicians of the project partners of the Meeting of Castilla y León, Cesefor and Ibader (University of Santiago de Compostela) met yesterday in the campus of Vigo and in the installations of Viveros Braña in Esgos (Ourense) with object to share experiences and knowledge related with the processes of multiplication of forest material for the reproduction of Taxus baccata.

During the visit to the Experimental Sciences Building on the Vigo campus, meetings were held to learn about the experience of researchers from the Department of Biology and Soil Sciences on staking and in vitro cultivation of yew trees.

Later, the team moved to the installations of Viveros Braña SCL in Esgos (Ourense) and visited the magnificent state of development of the yew plant produced for the performances of restoration planned in the framework of the project Life in Galicia.

All the participants pointed out the importance of these activities of exchange of experiences and knowledge applied in this field for the development of this activity, which requires a high specialization in view of the technical difficulties detected.