Presentation of LIFE BACCATA in a Summer Course of the Santiago de Compostela University

The LIFE BACCATA project has been presented in Piornedo (in Cervantes, Lugo) on July 13, 2018, on the celebration of the Summer Course "Biodiversity and heritage in the mountains of Lugo: conservation and social use", organized by the Santiago de Compostela University (USC).

María Dolores Vázquez Castro and Elena Freire Paz directed the summer course, with the presence of Oscar Rivas López in the secretary's office. The objective of the course was to obtain specialized training –both theoretical and practical in nature– aimed at understanding the biodiversity and cultural heritage specific to Ancares. The course focused on working under the maxims of interest convergence, process mediation and conflict resolution in order to favor the conservation and promotion of all environmental and social factors.

Being a total of 15 enrolled students, they were able to participate in the subsequent discussion by raising questions or providing their point of view about the conservation of the yew tree and woodlands. This has also allowed an important exchange of ideas on the most relevant aspects regarding the management of these ecosystems.