Planting work begins in the Galician enclave of LIFE BACCATA

Since October 1st, work began on the C3 action of LIFE BACCATA in Galicia. This work consists of a forest plantation with species characteristic of habitat 9580 *. The project aims at increasing the area of these species and consequently at achieving an improvement of their state of conservation.

The reforestation work is carried out by TRAGSA, the associated beneficiary of LIFE BACCATA, using the plants produced by IBADER of the Terra Campus (USC), the coordinating partner of the project.

The area covered by the reforestation amounts to 15 ha, which are completely in the Monte Vecinal en Mano Comun de Riocereixa (Pedrafita do Cebreiro, Lugo), within the SAC Os Ancares - O Courel (ES1120001).

The work will continue during the month of October 2019, so that repopulation will be completed before the first snowfall of the winter season.