Continuation of works in Pagoeta (Pais Vasco)

The work done at Pagoeta to promote the presence of the yew and its accompanying species continues at a good pace. The low altitude of this Gipuzkoan enclave and its proximity to the coast means that the end of autumn continues to be a suitable period for working in the mountains.

The main tasks of LIFE BACCATA that are being carried out at the moment are centered in putting in light "matriarcas" (reproductive females of seeds) and to clarify masses to allow the development of the regenerated trees and other producers of fruits like holly, howthorn, sorbus and ruscus.

Yew population in Pagoeta show a marked vigour, probably due to the climatic peculiarities of this enclave, and it is possible to see relatively quickly the increase of regeneration and the response of the matriarchs to its setting.