Annual follow-up visit to LIFE BACCATA

The external LIFE monitoring team (NEEMO EEIG) –represented by Ainhoa ​​Darquistade Fadrique– performed the annual visit to the LIFE BACCATA project, held in Ojo Guareña, Burgos.

Being held on June 11, 2018, this is the second annual follow-up visit from the NEEMO EEIG external team to the LIFE BACCATA project. All the beneficiaries of the project attended the event (IBADER,TRAGSA, HAZI, CESEFOR, Junta de Castilla y León) and presented to the monitoring team the progress of the project in their respective areas of action.

The technical, economic and administrative monitoring meeting was held throughout the morning at the Park House 'Ojo Guareña', located in Quintanilla del Rebollar (in Merindad de Sotoscueva, Burgos), within the Special Protection Area for Birds (SPAB) of Ojo Guareña (ES4120005).

During the afternoon session, the attendees visited Arceo (in Valle de Mena, Burgos), in the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) of Valle de Mena (ES4120049), where LIFE BACCATA has carried out a closure project to avoid the effects of herbivory on the regenerated Taxus baccata. They have also eliminated the competition and favored the conservation of habitat type 9580*, through the staff from the Junta de Castilla y León.

The session allowed them to evaluate the degree of compliance of the project, to solve queries and to provide indications and guidelines to all the partners that could enable a better implementation of the discussed actions.